Transpyr is a React app for event planning.


  • Browsing, searching, and booking events in a user’s area or online without creating an account.
  • User account creation and management: Changing names, password, and favorite events privacy.
  • Reset password functionality for forgotten passwords.
  • Public user profile customization: User photo, bio, interests, and favorite events.
  • Detailed event creation, supporting online and in-person events and unlimited custom ticket types. Markdown editor for event descriptions.
  • Options to supply a personal refund policy and choose between covering the service fee or passing it to attendees.
  • ‘My Bookings’ displays signed-in user’s upcoming booked events on a calendar. Booking management allows for cancellation and refund requests.
  • ‘My Events’ shows an organizer’s upcoming events on a calendar. Event management shows number of bookings for each ticket, estimated earnings, and the ability to cancel specific tickets or the entire event.

Technologies Used

  • React (including Context API for auth state and Hooks)
  • React Router
  • React Bootstrap
  • Sass
  • Axios for fetching
  • Yup for form validation
  • date-fns
  • Stripe Checkout for checkout


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